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Pre Purchase Building Inspection Software – Features


Report It Quick has been designed to accommodate a variety of different reporting domains. However, principally, our main focus is with Pre Purchase Home Building Inspectors.

Both of these reporting styles are repetitive and predictive in their nature in that the things that you are inspecting are likely to be the same over and over again with the occasional unpredictable issue.

In the main, most computer based reporting software applications do a reasonable job in providing the inspector with a way of compiling report data in a logical and repetitive format, thus enabling them to generate computer based reports that can be emailed directly to their clients. However, each particular application will have its own benefits and deficiencies, some will do this but wont do that etc. It would be rare to find a software application that pleases everyone. But we can dream!

Report It Quick has been developed with four main attributes in mind.

  1.  It must be truly portable and usable anywhere, thus the ipad...perfect!
  2.  It must be fast and easy to use whether on-site, in the work van or in the office
  3.  It must be able to handle a variety of different report styles and structures
  4.  It must be fully editable and adaptable to individual styles and methods


We chose the ipad as a reporting tool (android will come later) because of its size and robust ability. It is easily stored in the work van, easily carried around on site and perfect for the McDonalds, Star Bucks (or wherever) and or the office situation where you can compile your reports in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fast & Easy To Use iPad Software

Using the iPad on-site is a seamless process with a ‘Tap’ and ‘Tab’ one screen operation. We were motivated to fix the downfalls of other app’s (and in particular iPhone app’s) use ‘Form Structures’ meaning, that when you choose a category item you will ultimately be taken through a series of page or screen changes.

This type of structure can cause you to lose concentration and makes each building inspection take longer. It’s also difficult if you wish to view previous data which you have entered. Report It Quick has been designed to enable you to complete your building inspection or report from the one screen saving you valuable time and allowing you to know exactly where you are in your inspection process.

The screen interface holds four sections. Section 1 is a series of boxes where you can enter locations in the house you’re inspecting, categories, issues/defects identified.

pre purchase building inspection software for ipad

Each box has menus which can be easily clicked upon with your finger to identify the various sections such as exterior yards, exterior walls, interior walls etc. As can be seen in the accompanying image, subsections appear with relevant defects. Because the app is so intuitive, there’s very little need to actually type anything!

Section 2 is a comment box which is your duty to warn statement. This contains the information you wish to advise your client on how to handle the particular defect.

Section 3 is a picture box. Take a photo onsite and it instantly add it to the relevant section of your report, or select a picture from your iPad files.

Section 4 lets you edit photos and draw attention to particular defects with arrows or circles. This is easy to perform – just drag and drop an arrow or circle or remove it by dragging it off.

pre purchase building inspection software ipad

When the inspection is finished it can be easily emailed to the client from within the app.

Spend more time inspecting and less time reporting!

pre purchase building inspection software ipad


Clean, Crisp Building Inspection Reports

Your reports won’t look like everyone elses, there are easy options in place to add important information and your own personal touches.

Your logo can be easily uploaded so it can then always be displayed on the report cover. Underneath the logo, your business details will appear.

pre purchase building inspection software ipad

The main categories in your report will automatically convert into a table of contents with page numbers.

pre purchase building inspection software ipad

The headings and subheadings which you selected during the inspection are automatically entered into the report and any comments/duty to warn statements are displayed indented and shaded in grey.

pre purchase building inspection software ipad

Fully Editable and Adaptable

Report It Quick has been designed to give the individual inspector maximum flexibility to create their reports in their own unique manner. Some like very simple comment structures, others like very detailed comments with disclaimers on everything. With Report It Quick you have the flexibility to construct your report categories and comments in your own unique style.


Variety of Styles & Structures

With Report It Quick you can structure your report with disclaimers, legal text, commentary, important information sections or any other type of documentation you may require to be in your report. Your in charge, you design your own reports. Of course we have available pre-constructed default templates that you can edit and change to your requirements.

Why Not Let Us Design Your Report For You

Your time is valuable, so why not let us design your report for you. Simply send us a copy of your report in 'Word' format and we will provide an estimate of cost.